Trip – Russia to Italy on old Lada

Thinking of road tripping, what does strike in your head when you hear ‘car trip through Italy’? It might be a small romantic trip or it might be going camping in several cars with your friends. Someone would opt for a long-distance trip, while for the others renting a small diesel hatchback would be enough. We at Bodybeat don’t like boring holidays, and that’s why we decided that this summer story of a road trip in a Fiat 124 replica was worth sharing with you.

In Russia, there is no need to introduce this car but if some of you haven’t heard of it yet, well, Fiat 124 was the base for Lada 1200 produced in the USSR from 1970 to 1988. However, it is a little bit different in case of this 1978 yellow Lada. Its owner, Andrey, inherited this car from his grandfather, and decided that it was time for it to return to its roots. Initially, it was a Lada but after two years of ownership by Andrey, it is now more of a Fiat, except for the drivetrain and air suspension.

Most of us like travelling, and Andrey, being a photographer and a creative and goal-oriented person he is, is no exclusion to this rule. He has already been to Italy a year before and several times when he was a child, so he decided to visit this beautiful country once again. No matter where you are going, emotions and good memories are what you would most certainly bring back home apart from souvenirs and photographs. Driving your own classic car during such trip would only make emotions stronger and memories brighter. Andrey had similar thoughts and drove his car all the way to Turin, which Fiat home city, to make some shots in front of the factory that was a birthplace for his car predecessors.

Andrey’s trip photographs are full of colourful fields, small cozy villages, old castles and paved streets and squares. The car looks at home here, and you would most certainly think those photographs are several decades old if not for some modern things in them. Had Andrey been a casual and boring tourist, we would hardly see photographs so beautiful and filled with freedom and sunlight.

As for the car’s behaviour during the trip, well, 36 years is quite a serious age for a car to go on road trips. Nevertheless, there were only some minor issues during the trip, and Andrey felt almost no discomfort driving from 500 to 1000 kilometers a day. Anyway, attention that the car was given by other drivers and pedestrians, especially in Italy, covered more than a fair share of it. As in everything, in travelling you set the limits by yourself. If you think that you and your car will make it, dare and try