S13 Cambergang

When we were children we loved to dream. Someone wanted to become an astronaut, someone dreamt to be an engineer or musician, but some of us thought about something really special. The boys, especially those who grew up, collecting liners of chewing gum TURBO and hanging posters with sports coupe of 80th on their walls, were deeply interested in cars. Rudik has already been in the age of reason when he found this Nissan Silvia S13 with the widebody kit. The car could not leave anyone indifferent. Moreover, it was on sale. Rudik without a moment’s hesitation broke the piggy bank, sold his VAZ 2107 and spent all his savings on this beauty.

When the car was already in Rudik’s arms, he understood that it must become the part of all kinds of automobile exhibitions and shows. Besides, it is difficult to meet such car in Russia, especially on seldom stance projects based on Silvia in S13 body.

Initially, we wanted to make Hellaflush fit, but because of the existing body kit and the large rear wheels, we had to make it tucked. It was necessary to combine somehow the large wheels’ rims and low ground clearance. The camber – 15° was the easiest and fastest way. At first, that camber was extremely uncomfortable, but very soon we started to like it. The car turned out to VIP style one.

Krasnodar Vibes

When it came to the choice of the wheels, we decided to take 19’ rims with wide lips. The main task was to buy 3-piece wheels with simple characteristics and order the lip which will be wider than rims themselves. As a result, we have chosen SSR Vienna Kreis.

To the list of modifications, except of BN-Sport body kit, custom-widening and new rims, we can also add 4-way air suspension, SR20DET engine from Silvia S15 with 0,8 Bar pressure, steering wheel and handle transmission by Nardi.

The children, who saw their dream car only on the posters and liners, in computer games and movies, grew up now. And the best of them were able to make their dreams come true.

Don’t be afraid to follow your dream!