RWD Impreza

Aleksandr got his Impreza 4 years after he sold the same one. This car wasn’t in a perfect shape, it had some accidents and the goal was to fully restore it and repaint it. Aleksandr added Karlton Fender Flares, which he wanted to use since he had his old Impreza. But the most interesting part is hidden underneath. Yeah, this car is RWD. Owner just wanted to know how this kind of Subaru feels on the road.

  • Enkei RPF1 wheels 18×11 ET15;
  • Federal 595 tires 285/30/18;
  • Custom hub 5×100 to 5×114.3;
  • HKS HiperMax Pro coilovers;
  • Karlton Fender Flares;
  • RWD transmission.

Aleksandr Konnov founder

“I’ve always loved this car, mainly due to it’s simplicity and the ideas you could realize with this thing. It’s like a Lada, but Japanese”