Ely Vargas

Can anyone who follows the modern trends be called a poser? Juan who lives in Texas loves low car since his childhood. It is not such a significant thing in the where low car culture has a tradition for several decades.

Lowriders and mini trucks always surrounded Juan and these started his career in the car culture. When was 16 his first car was a 1972 Chevrolet C10 and he fell in love with mini trucks. Then he had a Buick Regal ’83 on hydraulic suspension, spoke wheels and custom painting. After this he made a few mini trucks. He added to his collection a Mazda 3, a 1987 Mazda RX7, a 2001 Lexus LS430 and a 1963 Chevrolet C10.

Let’s go back his Mazda 3 which he bought on March 2011. It was originally bought for commuting which ment two hours away from home because this was more efficient. But soon Juan changed jobs to one that was closer to his home and he could began to gather funds that used to be spent on fuel for travel. So he could start the project.

There appeard with a variety of wheels, fenders and other fashionble elements. Now the car has a fender widened to 7 cm in the front and 10 cm in the rear. The wheels were Weds Kranze LXZ which had the size of 19 × 10.5 ET-25 in the front 19 × 12 ET-54 in the back. The car is equipped with BC Racing coilovers with coil springs at the front and 14 kg to 16 kg at the rear.

“It’s not a hobby it’s lifestyle” – Juan

  • BC Racing Coilovers;
  • BC Racing springs front 14 kg/mm;
  • BC Racing springs rear 16 kg/mm;
  • Weds Kranze LXZ front 19×10.5 ET-25;
  • Weds Kranze LXZ rear 19×12 ET-54;
  • Front tires 225/35/19;
  • Rear tires 245/35/19;
  • Fenders flares Clinched front 7 cm
  • Fenders flares Clinched rear with 10 cm;
  • Ducktail wing from a BMW E92;
  • Rhino bumper with lip;
  • Custom LED rear light.