Porsche “Clinched 9964”

Clinched started in 2009, manufacturing universal car overfenders. 8 years later they became the first Russian company to take part at Sema 2017 with six project cars.

Not much time later after Sema, the guys from Clinched presented their new project, with a bold development vector.


Essentially – it is a 911 Porsche (996). The idea behind this project was wrapped around the thought «What if the 964 Porsche RSR would have been produced with modern tech, materials, engineering capabilities? A 964 with a performance watercooled engine, up-to-date suspension, carbon fiber and other modern goodies.»

Another question answered was «Is there going to be a version of the car without the bodykit? Or maybe a kit to convert a 996 into a 964?» and the answer is rather unexpected.

CEO Clinched

There is no plan to make the car without the bodykit, but there are going to be other versions with different bumpers and trunk lids” The car is supposed to be released mid 2018.

Its not a conversion kit we’re speaking of, we’re talking fully built automobiles. There’s a great possibility we are going to build ready-to-use cars, like Singer, RUF or Gunther Werks does. We have the connections, we know the people, we can get the investors to join in, but first we’ve got to build the car and prove the idea is viable.