Make Forest

Strange as it may sound, but two members of the gang MakeLower who live in Tyumen, owned the Forest. Andrey Osmachkin – the former owner of the car the author of this photo shoot and now the owner of Mercedes Benz C-Klasse W204. Zaur – the current owner who bought the Forester in stock car condition, completed with BC Racing coilovers.

The whole story began in 2013 when Zaurbek moved from Moscow to Tyumen for a job and immediately got a “low” friend. Before moving to Tyumen he saw his feature Forest in the city. The photographs he saw ont he internet were owned by Andrey. When Zaur saw Forest he have an idea: “It would be cool to have such a machine.” Then Andrey put on the Instagram the advertisement for the sale and the purchase contract was written.

Four-wheel drive, turbo, mechanics, what more could you want from a car? For fans of the low car, of course the main thing is carving the suspension. Zaur installed the BC Racing coilovers with 20 kg/mm springs and after it he also install an Impreza STI radiator grill, an adjustable drivetrain shifter (Cobb) and gear knob of Shakotan style arrived from California. Wheels from Mercedes were acquired before purchase. They did not want to put these Mercedes rims in the Forester. After all the car camed to the Cross Company where the bumper was modificated. The Mercedes wheels got new lips and center caps and got int he car. The attentive reader will notice there is too much Mercedes rim in a Japanese car, but this is an unique style.

After the winter season in summer a serious of modifications were made: we had to change the rear lights for a rear styling model. From Vladivostok arrived the bucket seats by an STi Forester. The gearbox with cam lock arrived from a first generation Impreza STi. The spacers was creatid by a russian craftsman.

But Zaur had to change wheels for another size because the 19×9.5j were too big. In the offseason he get enough money for 5Zigen Inperio RS-1 and the parameters were correct because 18x10j ET25. The goal was to make the car lower and wider. In the previous year the suspension was modified and was renewed. Zaur walled into the area under the license plate and now the license plate number is held by magnets. Headlights were dismantled and got an STi version. Zaur bought the rear spoiler from another Subaru owner from Tyumen, Danil Yakovenko.

  • CrossSport front bumper;
  • STi Nostril bonnet;
  • STi-look headlights;
  • SG CrossSport/STi rear lights;
  • USDM Forester roof rack;
  • Custom rear bumper lip;
  • STi Forester bucket seats;
  • BC Racing coilovers;
  • BC Racing 20 kg/mm springs;
  • Rear breakup levers: HardRace;
  • 5Zigen Inperio RS-1 18 × 10 ET25;
  • Adapter 20 mm 5 × 100 to 5 × 114.3;
  • Triangle tires 215/35/18.

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