The owner of the car, that we are going to talk about, paid attention to the parts and for three years folded the full image of this BMW 3er E46 Coupe. Initially, it was regular 328 model. What could be more boring? Unless modern BMW 3 series with three-cylinder engines.

The first improvements were bringing the car to an ideal technical condition, upgrading the equipment to almost the maximum and a bunch of other things: heating the steering wheel, the illumination of the handles made according to the image of the BMW 7er E38, navigation, monitor, CD changer, music Harman/Kardon, sun blind; installation of TA Technix coilovers and OZ Futura wheels.

Soon, according to the owner’s sketches, the factory produced 18″ front rims with the width of 9.5″, and the back rims with the width of 10.5″. The M-version interior of the car was overhauled and installed. The next round of improvements included the replacement of the body after an accident.

Custom wheels

The air suspension based on BC Racing coilovers with AccuAir e-Level control and an original Alpina body kit was installed. The lips were changed to Radinox 3.25″.

A top car with high-quality improvements will always remain in the priority of connoisseurs

  • BC Racing custom air suspension
  • AccuAir e-Level
  • ViAir 480
  • Custom ait-tank
  • Wheels front 18×9.5
  • Wheels rear 18×10.5
  • Tires fornt Hankook Ventus V12 215/35R18
  • Tires rear Hankook Ventus V12 225/35 R18
  • Exhaust ZHP
  • Stock front bumper with lip Alpina
  • Side skirt Mtech-2
  • Rear bumber Mtech-2
  • Spoiler Alpina
  • Decals replica Alpina
  • Seats BMW M3 E46