The workshop CATuned is located in the central California and works mostly with classic BMW: 2002, E28, E30, E34. Its main activity is to prepare cars for daily use and for auto shows. We are going to show you the example of what the workshop is oriented to and what it is capable of.

The customer from Hollywood came to the workshop to create BMW E30 cabrio. The car was completely dismantled and then reassembled. It was fitted with Pandem Rocket Bunny body-kit, and re-colored in Ferrari Grey (Grigio Medio). The top of the car was renewed to the soft one, together with the new interior. The car was kitted out with air suspension, Rotiform CCW 16×9 with Toyo R888 225/45ZR16 front wheels, and Rotiform CCW 16×9.5 with Toyo R888 225/45ZR16 rear wheels. But it would not have been CATuned, if they had not remodeled the engine. They have restored the transmission and the entire chassis. Now the car makes its owner happy and takes part in different show and other events.

Stay CATuned.